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Let's face it. There's a lot of confusing and contradictory information about how to lose weight and improve your health. Perhaps you're trying to follow the right advice, but you still aren't getting results. You aren't alone. One out of two American adults are pre-diabetic or diabetic, and many don't even know (JAMA). Meanwhile, about 7 out of 10 adults are overweight or obese (CDC). That's exactly why I designed Quick Start to provide straight talk about healthy food choices. You'll receive ALL the practical information I used to achieve my health benefits. You'll learn the best ingredients, and you'll get survival tips for your family. Best of all, you'll learn how to monitor and customize this program for YOUR body. Skeptical? I was the same way. See for yourself whether this lifestyle works for you, too.
Empower Yourself

Your Quick Start Guide

BEFORE Farm Fresh Low Carb Living

Hi! I'm Teresa O'Connor, a reporter who has written about food and farming for the University of California (UC), national press and social media. Nobody was more surprised than I was to learn I had Type 2 diabetes. I exercised daily and ate a healthy diet. I reported on the benefits of whole grains, legumes and plant-based diets for UC. I taught people nationwide how to grow vegetables. I even worked for the same public relations firm (Porter Novelli) that created the USDA nutritional pyramid years before. Despite all that, I was 30 pounds overweight and developed Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Here's a photo of me in 2013 with garden author Helen Yoest.
Your Quick Start Guide

AFTER Farm Fresh Low Carb Living

To tackle my health issues, I adopted a farm fresh, low carb lifestyle in 2016 that significantly improved my health. I've reversed my risks of diabetes and no longer take medication for it. I've lowered my blood pressure and improved my cholesterol significantly. That's why I created Quick Start to share this knowledge, dispel some food myths and help others enjoy similar health benefits. Come on ... you can do it too!
AFTER Farm Fresh Low Carb Living

What You'll Learn

After this short course, you'll have lots of practical tips that helped me and many others lose weight, reverse risks of Type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol. Quick Start gets you up and running fast, so you can start experiencing benefits sooner. Enjoy delicious, nutritious and satisfying foods that your body really wants, and learn how to tell the difference.

  • Learn which foods can negatively affect blood sugar, weight, inflammation and other health issues.

  • See the best and worst foods to eat and drink for reversing diabetes, losing weight and improving cholesterol (You may be surprised!)

  • Learn how to make healthy and delicious food choices, whether you're at home or on the road.

  • Get practical tips for surviving and thriving with this lifestyle when your spouse, kids and friends don't want to eat this way.

  • Benefit from this basic transition plan that makes it faster and easier to apply these guidelines to your life.

  • Find out how to "test" certain foods for different reactions. Don't believe the marketing hype. Every BODY is unique, and even "healthy" foods aren't best for everyone. Know what works for you.

  • Download charts with helpful nutritional information that makes it easier to succeed with this lifestyle. (Everything in one place!)

Meet Quick Start Students


Lynn Felici-Gallant


"I initially signed up as a way to jump-start my weight loss, hoping to get a better understanding of all the conflicting information out there about carbs and fat. I came away from the class with that understanding, but I also discovered that I might, in fact, be pre-diabetic. Teresa has a straightforward teaching style and includes charts and printable materials in each section. About six such PDFs now adorn my fridge! Whether you simply want to sift through the noise in the news about carbs, lose weight or tackle diabetes, this Quick Start class is for you."
Michael MacDonald & Ellen Zachos

Quick Start Participants

Michael MacDonald & Ellen Zachos

"Teresa’s course is perfect for anyone newly confronted with a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. She walks you through getting started, teaching you how to figure out the best way to eat for your body. She explains which plant parts have the fewest carbs (leafy greens!) and also suggests how to experiment with certain carbs once your blood sugar has stabilized, so you can learn which carbs your body tolerates best. This course is well organized and will get you started on the right foot. We highly recommend it!"

Jan Bujan, Educator


“Since enrolling in Quick Start, I'm now more aware of my food choices. I’ve learned how to choose the right carbs, the best sources of protein, and the healthiest fats. Although I'm not yet diabetic, I have several family members who are. So for me, Quick Start is a positive preventive step. I have a strong family history of osteoarthritis, and when I entered my sixties, I started experiencing more joint pain and inflammation. After two months of Quick Start techniques, I have less knee pain, less joint inflammation, and have lost about 4 pounds, meaning less stress on my knees. Signing up for Quick Start was my best, most proactive health decision of 2018.”

Lynn Fogel, Artist


"For the last two years, I've watched Teresa walk her dog almost everyday past our house. She quickly lost the weight and never gained it back. I thought she was healthy before, but this new lifestyle has really made a difference. It has inspired me too. Although I'm not as disciplined as she may be, I have noticed my belly fat is not as much as it was before. Teresa has been living proof to me that Farm Fresh Low Carb Living works!"

A Bonus for You!

You'll also get 10 tips for staying motivated with this healthy, low carb lifestyle. You got this!

  • Practical Advice

    Learn some of the most important actions that encourage success.

  • Survival Tips

    Learn the easiest ways to customize this healthy lifestyle specifically for your body.

  • Tips for Success

    Learn the best mental attitudes for achieving results with a low carb lifestyle.

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Quick Start is possible for LESS than a typical dinner out with family and friends. Empower yourself to benefit for years to come, and start getting results.

Ready to Get Healthy?

It's easy to feel discouraged when dealing with weight and health issues. I understand completely, because I felt the same way. But ignoring these problems only makes them worse. Get straight talk about nutrition and learn how foods affect you personally. Remember, you CAN lose weight, reverse the risks of Type 2 diabetes and improve your overall health. I'm living proof. And if I can do it, you can too.

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